What’s the benefit of using natural products?

Using natural and organic products will increase your immune system, does not have any side effects and they’re packed with beneficial nutrients from its natural ingredients.



Does your products contain SLS?

SLS is a very harmful sulfate which can irritate eyes, skin and lungs. Long term use of products contains SLS or SLES is extremely dangerous. It’s used in almost all the products we use daily. Our products are FREE of SLS and SLES.



Does my pet really need to be using organic and non-toxic products?

Not only should your pet be using only natural products, it’s extremely important for us pet owners to also use them. We are always cleaning our pets and exposed to these same chemicals and ingredients so we are equally at risk.



Is it safe for my pets to accidentally lick their fur after using MRS PAWS products?

MRS PAWS products are absolutely safe in case your little furry baby licks themselves right after. Our products are completely safe and no chemicals or toxic ingredients were used.



Is organic and non-toxic the same?

Organic means “chemical free” but doesn’t mean it’s entirely healthy. Non toxic means only natural ingredients were used. Our products are entirely organic, non-toxic and vegan all at once.